The purpose of this project is to illustrate the geological development of the island of Oahu. It will include the raising and forming of the Waiane mountain range and then the raising and forming of the Koolau mountain range, which will enventually for the valley between the two mountain ranges (thus the single island of Oahu). I plan on showing some of the geological devolpment of some well known landmarks such as: Diamond Head, Punchbow, Haunauma Bay, Salt Lake. I would also like to illustrate the dramatic landslide that formed and shaped the Windward side of Oahu that we see today.

At this point I am having difficulty directly importing DEM's (digital elevation maps) into Blender. One work around has been to use Bryce and export the file as a .dxf which will import into Blender.

Great tutorial (actually a self-directed course) for Blender from Neal Hirsig Tufts University(last edited: 5-29-08)

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