What the Camera Sees

Go to ARSndbox Intrensic Calibration information  

Go to ARSndbox Extrensic Calibration information  

CalibrateProjector and SARndbox always run in full-screen mode.

I have used CONTROL-ALT-F to switch to full screen. (Made in Linux Mint keyboard shortcut)

Kinect Camera Calibration with Semi-transparent Grid Intrinsic   Jan. 24, 2013   (YouTube)

New AR Sandbox Calibration Procedure Extrinsic  Aug. 20, 2013   (YouTube) This uses the Projecor Calibration Utility

Intrinsic Kinect Camera Calibration Check     (checking the measurments) Jan. 24, 2013   (YouTube)

AR Sandbox Calibration - Step 4   Sert. 10, 2012   (YouTube)

AR Sandbox Calibration - Step 5   Sept. 10, 2012   (YouTube)

AR Sandbox Calibration   Mar. 11, 2016   (YouTube)

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