Kinect Camera Calibration with Semi-transparent Grid Intrinsic   Jan. 24, 2013   (YouTube)

Intrinsic Kinect Camera Calibration Check     (checking the measurments) Jan. 24, 2013   (YouTube)


Semi Transparent CheckerBoard Grid (used for Intrinsic Calibration)
The Grid is shown in light green lines.

By holding the 1 key and dragging the corner of the Grid (circled in Red above) the Grid can be resized.

1 key brings the Draw Grid Tool.

2 key Installs the Grid.

3 key will show or hide Grid.

4 key to run the actual calibration.

5 key will unproject the Grid.

After the Grid is installed pressing the 2 key will save the grid you have aligned.

After you hit the 4 key to calibrate it will print that data in the terminal.

The program will then put this data in a file named: intrensic perameters-#of my Kinect in the Kinect Package Configuration Directory

The Grid is 24.5 in. X 18.5 in. Each block is 3.5 in. square
What is behind those menu choices
Locator     Dragger     Navigation     Transformer     Pointer     Utility

You can tell whether you’re at 1:1 scale by bringing up the scale bar (right click, select “Vrui System Menu”->”Show Scale Bar”. You can also change scale by clicking on the left or right ends of the scale bar.

Before scaling, bring the 3D surface point to which you want to zoom into the center of the screen by panning and/or dollying (by holdoing the "Z" key), so that the white crosshairs touch it. Otherwise, it will move away from you as you zoom in.

Measuring from corner to corner 5 columns of 3 1/2 inches is 17 1/2inches multiplied by conversion factor 2.54 is 44.5 CM

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