Project Augmented Reality using Kinect Camera (AR Sandbox)

Usage: SARndbox [option 1] ... [option n]
     Prints this help message
     Selects the local 3D camera of the given index (0: first camera
     on USB bus)
     Default: 0
     Reads a pre-recorded 3D video stream from a pair of color/depth
     files of the given file name prefix
     Scale factor from real sandbox to simulated terrain
     Default: 100.0 (1:100 scale, 1cm in sandbox is 1m in terrain
     Loads the sandbox layout file of the given name
     Default: /home/guillaume/src/SARndbox-2.3/etc/SARndbox-2.3/BoxLayout.txt
     Sets the range of valid sand surface elevations relative to the
     ground plane in cm
     Default: Range of elevation color map
     Sets an explicit base plane equation to use for height color mapping
     Sets the number of averaging slots in the frame filter; latency is
      * 1/30 s
     Default: 30
     Sets the frame filter parameters minimum number of valid samples
     and maximum sample variance before convergence
     Default: 10 2
     Sets the size of the hysteresis envelope used for jitter removal
     Default: 0.1
     Sets the width and height of the water flow simulation grid
     Default: 640 480
     Sets the relative speed of the water simulation and the maximum
     number of simulation steps per frame
     Default: 1.0 30
     Sets the elevation range of the rain cloud level relative to the
     ground plane in cm
     Default: Above range of elevation color map
     Sets the strength of global or local rainfall in cm/s
     Default: 0.25
     Water evaporation rate in cm/s
     Default: 0.0
     DEM matching distance scale factor in cm
     Default: 1.0
     Sets the zero-based index of the display window to which the
     following rendering settings are applied
     Default: 0
  -fpv [projector transform file name]
     Fixes the navigation transformation so that Kinect camera and
     projector are aligned, as defined by the projector transform file
     of the given name
     Default projector transform file name: /home/guillaume/src/SARndbox-2.3/etc/SARndbox-2.3/ProjectorMatrix.dat
     Disables hill shading
     Enables hill shading
     Disables shadows
     Enables shadows
     Disables elevation color mapping
  -uhm [elevation color map file name]
     Enables elevation color mapping and loads the elevation color map from
     the file of the given name
     Default elevation color  map file name: /home/guillaume/src/SARndbox-2.3/etc/SARndbox-2.3/HeightColorMap.cpt
     Disables topographic contour lines
  -ucl [contour line spacing]
     Enables topographic contour lines and sets the elevation distance between
     adjacent contour lines to the given value in cm
     Default contour line spacing: 0.75
     Renders water surface as geometric surface
     Renders water surface as texture
     Sets the water depth at which water appears opaque in cm
     Default: 2.0
     Sets the name of a named POSIX pipe from which to read control commands
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