Project Augmented Reality using Kinect Camera (AR Sandbox)


Oliver Kreylos Web Site that has the documentation of his project.

The Projects OFFICAL Forum at U.C. Davis Go here to search the Forum

The Box

The Calibration

The Computer

The Projector

The Sand

Read Me Version 2.3 from Oliver Kreylos

Read SARndbox -h

Read Me Vrui Version 4.2 from Oliver Kreylos

The SARndbox application should be run with the -fpv command line argument or it will not use the projector calibration matrix

When starting from the binary file the SARndbox is not in color, to get color use -uhm.

lsusb is a Terminal command that has Linux show the USB bus (more info)

lspci is a Terminal command that has Linux show the PCI bus (more info)

Tips from Maphew on GIT Hub

One Box

YouTube Videos Highlighting SARndBox

UCLAʻs Augmented Reality Sandbox (1:15)

YouTube Video showing realtime Waterflow simulation (5:27)

The East Carolinian presents the Augmented Reality Sandbox (21:00)

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