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FROM WIKIPEDIA: PHP is a reflective programming language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. PHP is used mainly in server-side scripting, but can be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications. Textual User Interfaces can also be created using ncurses.

The main implementation is produced by The PHP Group and released under the PHP License. It is considered to be free software by the Free Software Foundation. This implementation serves to define a de facto standard for PHP, as there is no formal specification.

Currently, two major versions of PHP are being actively developed: 5.x and 4.4.x; on July 13, 2007, the PHP group announced that active development on PHP4 will cease by December 31, 2007, however, critical security updates will be provided until August 8, 2008.

Remember this! If I open a .php file in the browser it does NOT render it asks for a helper application. This is because the page has to run thru the Apache web server so the http.conf can tell it to parse .php files. Not even <?php phpinfo() ?> will render, leading you to think php is Not installed. So when developing php pages (or even php embeded in a web page) the pages have to be put into the sites folder so they will be drawn thru Apache.

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PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites : Visual QuickPro Guide (Visual Quickpro Guide) My one and only book.

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