My First Computer the Commadore Vic-20

Introduced: Announced January 1981
Original Price: $299
CPU: 6502A, 1.01 MHz
Memory: 3.5K RAM, 16K ROM; expandable to 64K RAM via cartridge port
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Cartridge Port; two joystick ports; composite video output; serial bus connector for floppy disk drive, printer, or other peripherals
Resolution: 176x184 max, 16 colors; 22 column text by 23 lines
I bought it at Muntz Stereo on Kapiolani Blvd. $300 I bought it because I was injured in a bench press competition (tore chest muscle). No programs, no books, only some childrens cartridges and the programmers reference manual. The display was sent through a RF modulator to my Television. I taught myself BASIC then found a magazine where you could copy and type in the code for a program. I remember when they added checksums to find your typos. I bought the cassette backup drive, they used short 5 minute cassette tapes. I also bought a printer. Dot Matrix unfortunately it did not have true descenders. I moved up through the years as finances allowed, but I will never forget those early days. I thought that machine was magic!

My First Mac Power PC 8100 A/V

The 8100/80 was the fastest Power Mac when Apple introduced the line in March 1994, and the only model to ship from the factory with a 256 KB level 2 cache installed.

Built into the Quadra 800 case, the 8100 contains three NuBus slots and a PDS. Like the other first-generation Power Macs, the 8100 uses RAM for video (up to 615 KB, depending on resolution and bit-depth). It also has a separate PDS card with VRAM, making it very easy to work with two monitors. For best performance, use the video card, not motherboard video.

The 8100 was upgraded to 100 MHz January 1995, and a 110 MHz version was added in January 1995. It was replaced by the 8500 in August 1995.

Note that these so-called NuBus upgrades do not go into a NuBus slot; they derive their name from the fact that they work in NuBus Power Macs. The processor upgrades fit into the PDS (Processor Direct Slot) which is normally occupied by a video card on the 8100. These cards may also include a pass through connector (which may be an extra cost option) allowing you to plug the PDS video card into the upgrade card.

My first Laptop was the 5300 (it was upgraded to 56 MB of RAM for better performance in Phtoshop 2)