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GeoXH Handheld Computer This handheld GPS comes complete with 1GB storage, 128 Megabytes of RAM, and a 520 Mhz CPU processor. The GeoXH is capable of up less than one foot accuracy, and with the addition of a Trimble external antenna, it can be as accurate as 10cm. Designed to make the locating of hard to find pipes and other below surface assets a breeze. it will save time, money, and problems.

Geo HX Explorer 2005 Series


GeoXT Handheld Computer

Similar to the XH, in many specifications, except for precision. Where accuracy is not as important, the GeoXT is a more affordable solution. It still comes with the same remarkable Trimble ruggedness, that allows it to stand up to drops, water, fire, and general outdoor bumps and bruising. This unit is also BlueTooth enabled, so data can be sent back and forth via celluar phone.

Geo XT Explorer


TeraSync 3.01 Antenna Research