Mr. G JavaScript

Q. What is Javascript?
A. An object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

Q. What is Processing JS?
A. Processing.js is a JavaScript port of Processing, a programming language designed to write visualizations, images, and interactive content. It allows web browsers to display animations, visual applications, games and other graphical rich content without the need for a Java applet or Flash plugin.

The Introduction to JavaScript Drawing & Animation from Khan Academy.

Great example of Processing JS go to Processing exhibtion page.

Use your mouse to manipulate the ball in the box.

Mr. G Old School Pong

Make a Paddle

Get the Ball Moving

Four Walls

Something is NOT Working

Lets Finish this!

This game uses Processing.js Library .

Much of this game came from Dillinger Lee, musicglass / AKA on github, the tutorial utilizes Khans Academy.

Debugging changing the background.